Long time, no blog! Yes, I realize this is my opening line each and every post, but this time is especially deserving, as it’s been nearly four months since I’ve last provided an update to all my fans (I’m looking at you, mom). Four whole months. Between busy work schedules, house projects and planning for a little human… Continue reading Oh, BABY!


I’ve had great intentions of sharing more DIY updates from the Foss household, including a bedroom makeover (from…um…January), as well as a work-in-progress landscaping project we tackled a couple weeks back. But what’s another week — or two — gonna hurt? In the meantime, I thought I’d share a recap of the training planning from… Continue reading Half-time!

D-I-Y not?

You know how some people are quick decision-makers? Like, have their mind’s made up on something from the instant they set their eyes on it? Then there are the the people who need to sleep on it, do their due diligence in research and peer reviews, shop around and get price quotes before they’re prepared to… Continue reading D-I-Y not?