Well, here it goes: the inaugural blog post. Cue the ribbon-cutters and sound the brass horns!

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now, but found that homework, extracurriculars, socializing and other “priorities” [insert lame excuse here], got in the way. But since I’ve graduated and transitioned into this “grown-up” young professional, now’s the time to buckle down, exercise my writing and journal about life’s little happenings. Plus, I have SO much to share! More details coming soon.

So about the blog name: If you have ever lived with me/gone on a trip with me/hung out with me for even one day, you know that I’m bound to lose my keys…or cell phone. It’s just inevitable. And to those of you who have come to terms with that and talk to me regardless, thank you.

A bit more about me:

  • I studied public relations at Iowa State University and was fortunate to land a job doing what I love at a PR firm in Iowa’s Capital City.
  • I heart the Cyclones, breweries, fro-yo shops and traveling
  • Outdoors>indoors

Want to know anything else? Feel free to ask!


My boyfriend fiancé and I. More on that too!


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