One Month

First off, Happy One-Month Engaged-iversary (thanks for coining this, Gabby) to my fiancé, Jared! Apparently time really does fly when you’re having fun…only 10.5 more months to go! An update on our wedding checklist:

  • Church
  • Reception Hall
  • Ring sizing (I’ll be missin’ this bad boy for TWO MONTHS while it’s in the shop)
  • Caterer
  • Bartenders (priorities, people)
  • Photographer
  • Color scheme

I’ve also logged quality hours of “research” on Pinterest. 🙂 That counts, right?

In other news, Jared decided that since he didn’t totally kill me off in the half-marathon training, we should start the P90X program. We’re a couple days in and so far, so good (except laughing…and walking). #nopainnogain

I’m going to convince myself that these workouts burn at least 1,000 calories so that I have no shame in going back for seconds/thirds at Thanksgiving. Not that I wouldn’t do this anyway, but now there’s no shame.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I can’t wait to see family, shop ’til I drop and get down on my mom’s cheesy carrots. My nieces and nephew are getting so big/funny/smart and make family get-togethers fun when all the adults want to do is slip into a food coma.

Last weekend, we celebrated Benton’s second birthday with a Mickey-Mouse themed pizza party. Ben wasn’t feeling well, but that was nothing a little cake and an electronic, break-dancing Mickey couldn’t fix! Then he perked right up and we all had a great time.Image

Thanks for the party, Benton!

And Jared, thanks for putting up with me for the first month. One down, only 700 to go!


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