The Good, the Bad and the Tinsel

Do you want the good news first or the bad/nerve-wrecking/going-to-drive-me-to-drink-heavily news first?

We’ll go with the latter…

Our reception venue cancelled our date. The reception will be (or so we thought) at the ISU Alumni Center, which is host to tailgates on Iowa State football games. An event coordinator called yesterday to let us know that the Athletics Department released a statement regarding a change in the 2014 football schedule and *poof*, September 6 was gone.

The change did, however, open up September 20: a date that we hadn’t even considered because it was always reserved as a game day. Two weeks later doesn’t sound so bad, right? Here’s where the anxiety-inducing, bartender-pour-me-another-drink part comes in: Coordinating the church, pastor, catering, bartending, rehearsal dinner, photographer and DJ to align with a new date. We were suddenly regretting all the “big plans” and progress we had made so far.

Bring on the good news because September 20 works for ALL other vendors! I don’t know how that happened but have a good feeling that everything will work out for a reason. (Jared thinks it’s because now we won’t miss the Iowa/Iowa State game because of our measly ol’ honeymoon…ya know, because that happens every year).

Anyway, I’m now out of my Scrooge mode and getting into the holiday spirit! It’s our first Christmas in the new place and our one and only Christmas as an engaged couple. So naturally, I made it as cheesy, gushy and special as possible. 

Homemade instant cocoa and s’mores marshmallows kicked off the decorating festivities.


Then we cued Elf Pandora, quickly followed by N*SYNC holiday radio. #jamsession


Jared took charge of the lights on our mammoth of a tree.




On the bright side, we didn’t need a step ladder for the star.



Anddddd, these lights went out 12 hours later.


So the  decorating didn’t quite turn out as planned…and September 6th is no more…but all in all, we’ve been pretty blessed and are looking forward to more planning and a fun Christmas season with family, friends and cookies.

Happy Holidays!


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