2013 In Review

Me and 2013 go wayyy back. To last year.

We’ve had our ups and downs, but I’m happy to report that the good days far outweighed the bad. So here’s to you, 2013: a post dedicated to all the great experiences we shared together.

January- I was fortunate to score an internship that would later lead to a position as Assistant Account Executive with Hanser & Associates public relations firm. I work with both regional and national clients and assist with their media relations, social media, advertising and event-planning efforts.


(A new internship calls for celebration, Charlie-Yokes style!)

February- First work trip! First time in Texas; Dallas, to be exact. First “Whataburger” burger. February = month of firsts.


(In all disclosure, this was not Whataburger. But seriously, what. a. burger.)

March- “The roomates” and I roadtripped to Chicago before taking a Spring Break cruise to Cozumel and the Florida Keys. Highlights included: unlimited dinner rolls, swimming in the ocean, Club Vortex, 3 a.m. pepperoni pizza  and all the great people we met, danced and partied with along the way.


April- I was inducted into Iowa State’s Cardinal Key Honor Society, an honor extended to one-half of one percent of the senior class and one percent of the junior class.


May- I done graduated.


June- These lovebirds got married! First comes love, then comes marriage…


July-I said goodbye to the 2-8-2-1 life (for those of you unfamiliar, 2821 was the number of our college house dump) in Ames and moved down the road to Ankeny with Jared.


August- I heart the State Fair! And subsequently, all foods on a stick. We went to the craft beer tent, Alan Jackson/Gary Allan concert and back to the beer tent.


Cheers to Iowa beers!

September- Jared and I ran in our first 5K, The Remembrance Run, in support of fallen vets  and their families….what a great cause! Check out that mantel metal.


October-Jared and I ran our first half-marathon (yes, three weeks after our first 5K. Lofty goals we have.) We didn’t quite get second place, but came in at 1:39:00, which exceeded our expectations by at least 10 minutes.

Jared was so excited that he proposed.


November- As we got together with friends and family over Thanksgiving, we began asking our bridal party to be apart of our special day. Below is the poem I wrote for my (soon to be “our”) nieces, Leah and Kaylee, to be the flower girls.


December- Because of stored up PTO time, I had the last two weeks off work. It was a glorious 13-day stretch of reliving college and soaking up a lot of quality time with the couch, not to mention we had SEVEN great Christmas celebrations/work parties and got spoiled beyond belief.

The holidays came and went! The extra three pounds came and stayed, unfortunately. But year 2013 was definitely one to be celebrated. Thank you to my friends, family and fiancé for making it one of the best yet!



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