Sorry to my three followers for being a bit MIA from the blog lately! Don’t worry, I have been in real life too. 

But it’s been for a good reason because I’ve been doing something I love:  traveling! Granted, it’s been primarily for work trips; but that’s OK because traveling was one of my “requirements” in my job search…right up there with health insurance and free Post-It notes.

Well, my friends, ask and you shall receive. I’ve been on 23 flights this year! TWENTY. THREE. First up was a trip to the blustery, freezing, a-little-snow-can’t-keep-me-from-shopping-on-Michigan-Avenue city of Chi-town.

Highlights included: meeting our clients face-to-face, panoramic view of the city skyline and Garrett’s popcorn.

By the next weekend, the popcorn was gone and it was time for another trip. This time, I had a travel buddy! Jared and I packed our bags and mapped out our plans for our first trip to Washington, D.C. The first day, we threw on our touristy tennis shoes and met up with my co-worker Gabby to tour museums, pose for a photo op in front of the Washington Monument, check out the reflecting pool as seen on West Wing (it was empty, if you were wondering) and swing by Barack and Michelle’s. They must not have been home, though, because the gate was closed. The rest of the trip, Jared and I headed to more museums, Chinatown restaurants and Arlington Cemetery. 



Highlights included: (insert every Smithsonian museum here), Lincoln’s Memorial, The White House, Arlington Cemetery and enjoying what was probably our last little getaway together before we’re M-A-R-R-I-E-D.

Next up: Dallas, y’all! I was only in town for about 25 hours (plus another 12 hours of flights and layovers), but highlights of this little trip included: 60-degree weather, finger-lickin’ wings and a waffle maker that was in the shape of Texas.

After Dallas, I had a couple weekends free and caught up on plans for that little thing called our wedding. More on that soon! After two much-needed, much-appreciated weekends “off,” it was back to the Des Moines Airport for my first trip to North Carolina. I was attending a media event in Durham, but managed to squeeze in some time for a drive along the beautiful countryside and a walk in more of that glorious 60-degree weather. Highlights included: BBQ and Catfish! Is it sad how many of my highlights are trans-fat related?

I got back from North Carolina on a Tuesday, had a crazy cold/sinus infection/death wish for a few days, and then it was time to suck it up, chug some Dayquill and hop on a plane for New York City by Friday! Madi came with me for this one which automatically meant fun times before we even left the airport. Our flight was delayed by 12 hours, but that was nothing a trip to Target and a happy-hour drink couldn’t fix. When we finally made it, we did as New Yawkers do and we didn’t go sleep! There was a rooftop lounge club next door with great views of the Empire State Building. We quickly determined that we didn’t fit in and stuck to touristy things for the remainder of the trip, like Times Square, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street and Chinatown.



Highlights included: Meeting fellow Iowa Staters at a karaoke bar that served cheap beers (three of our favorite things), New York-style cheesecake, 9/11 Memorial, views of the city from Top of the Rock and pizza. 

My last (for awhile) trip was the next weekend to Hotlanta. I met up with Gabby at the itty, bitty Atlanta airport, taxied to our hotel and then walked around in, yet again, the mid-60s weather. Iowa is the only state that has been Siberia-esque, apparently. We grabbed a bite to eat, waited a few hours, went out for supper, watched a movie, woke up to eat breakfast, conducted a three-hour training session and ordered some sandwiches. Highlights included: I can really only remember eating food, to be honest. But dat weather, doh.

So all in all, I had a good round of trips! Did I spend a lot of quality time playing phone Solitaire and wishing I was home? Yes. But did I also make incredible memories with some of my favorite people? Oh yes.

Bonus! I saw a few famous people along the way: Bruce Jenner, Gov. Terry Branstad (it counts, people), Matt Lauer, JT, Rihanna and Regis Philbin. OK, maybe the last four were wax figures. And if you’re NOT counting the gov’ner, I just saw Bruce Jenner. And I thought he was a woman. 



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