Long Time, No Blog

Woofta…long time, no blog! I’ve been doing more traveling, wedding planning and Netflix-watching, so apologies for being M.I.A. the last few weeks. 

What you’ve missed: 

  • I went to Florida for a client event, got extremely sunburt and made good headway on my farmer’s tan.
  • I, like the rest of the world (at least the Facebook world), did the “Plunge for Landon.” It felt good on the aforementioned sunburn.
  • We have exciting news coming in nine months: We’re moving! (Sorry to disappoint for any gossip-lovers out there.) But we signed our apartment lease for another nine months to save from moving before the wedding, during the holidays or any other already extremely expensive and stressful time.

Here’s to more good times in this place!



In other news, we finally have our wedding attire nailed down, including the bridesmaid dresses, tuxes and flower girl dresses. I must say, we’re going to be a stylin’ bunch! Next hurdle: centerpieces. My mom and I devoted two days to shopping for centerpiece ideas, not to mention my hours of web-surfing and Pinterest “research” looking for the perfect fit. We came close, but no cigar just yet. Back to Pinterest I go.

Also, Jared is officially a jewelry owner now that his wedding band is in. I think it’s a good look!



Good thing he doesn’t have big knuckles or anything.

With less than five months to go, we’re now planning out our ceremony readings, music, invitations, wedding favors, hair/makeup and photo poses. Jared is THRILLED, let me tell you. If anybody has any suggestions in these areas, please let me know (provided that Jared can stand me talking about ribbons and hotel welcome bags for the next few months up until the wedding).

That’s all for now! Hopefully it’s not another month before I’m back with any new news!





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