I could get used to married life.

Well, what do you know, another three months has gone by without a blog post. Typical Lindsey. Ahhh, but what a glorious and exciting three months it was! Between birthdays and bridal showers, a wedding and way too many Cancun cervezas, it was all worth it.

To catch you up to speed, Jared and I got hitched on an absolutely beautiful September day, surrounded by our families, closet friends and so much Cyclone pride. (Hey, it was still early in the season!) I could go on and on about all of my favorite moments, but long story short: Our wedding was the best day ever…closely followed by one of the best weeks ever. Despite the rain, our honeymoon was full of good food, new friends and eating the good food with said friends. We also managed to sneak in some beach, snorkeling and sightseeing time, too. (Between meals.)

I could get used to this married life thing!

When we got home and snapped back to reality, our next grown-up decision was buying me a new car. Remember, Jared: Happy wife, happy life. 😛 After some research and a few test drives, I decided on a new-to-me Ford Fusion! And let me tell you, it’s Lindsey-proof; with a rear-view cam, blind-spot monitoring and exterior key pad for when my keys fall into the Black Hole that is my purse. I really didn’t think I needed all the bells and whistles until, well, I rang the bells and blew the whistles.

Ain’t she a beaut?


So, wedding? Check. Car? Check. House? Drumroll, please…CHECK! Mr. and Mrs. Foss, the proud owners of a new car, are also the latest Polk City residents! While we weren’t entirely looking for a house, we did know that we wanted to be around Saylorville Lake, running trails and a smaller school district (EVENTUALLY, people!). We toured about a half dozen places before we settled in on one that met all the requirements and ultimately, was a place we could see ourselves calling “home.”

Pics coming soon so please stay tuned!


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