Puppy Parenthood

Early morning wake-up calls. Potty training. Finding babysitters when we want to go out of town. Ahhh, the joys of puppy parenting. So worth it though, right? Right.

Meet Django: The four-month-old, 25-pound bundle of joy (and fur) that entered our lives two weeks ago.

He's got my energy level and Jared's breath.
He’s got my energy level and Jared’s breath.

Django is an Australian Shepherd, with a bit of Border Collie. Both are incredibly active, playful breeds. That said, we weren’t sure we’d be able to keep up with his energy throughout the work week (and Jared wouldn’t let me quit my job to play with him all day). We were also apprehensive about our hardwood floors, saving money and enjoying our free time. Worth it though, right? Right. He’s spoiled with attention and toys, and we’re quickly discovering that no hat, glove, slipper or sock will ever be safe again.

About his name: Well, Jared gets to name the pets and I get to name the kids, let’s just put it that way. He was originally a “Max,” but has adjusted to his new name well. The only time he doesn’t recognize it is when he’s in trouble…that hasn’t happened much though, fortunately. He’s been SO. GOOD.

Some of Django’s favorite things:

  1. Tennis balls
  2. Fabric softener sheets
  3. Learning new tricks

We look forward to having a new running buddy and sharing more “family updates” soon!


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