25 in 25.

There comes a time in every young gal’s life where she needs to make a “bucket list.” I’ve shared some seasonal BL items with you in previous posts, but let me tell you, this one is the MOTHERLOAD. You see, I hit the quarter-century mark this weekend which has led to some mental preparation in how I want to improve myself, my home, my marriage and my dog-mom-ness to make this the best year yet. I’ve jotted down 25 things I want to try or accomplish in the year ahead and have decided to share with my hundreds dozens of blog readers to help keep me accountable!

Ahhh, that just-turned-20 glow. Miss the good ‘ol days of high metabolism and crimpy hair.

1. Blogging: I, Lindsey Renae Foss, hereby swear to blog 25 times in my 25th year of life.

That’s right, I said it.

If you’re a fellow “blogger,” (I use this term loosely for myself…for obvious reasons) you’re likely 1. Laughing hysterically. 2. Shaking your head and/or 3. Have 10 links readily available directing me to social media etiquette sites that recommend blogging anywhere between 10-25 times a month. While I love reading weekly or even daily blogs, it’s not a good fit for me and I first and foremost need these goals to be realistic for myself.

Baby steps, people.

2. Cleaning schedule: Now this one may just be because we’re having a handful of friends over this weekend for the ISU game, but there is nothing like expecting house guests to make you realize just. how. dirty. your. house. is. Dust balls on the vent covers. Caked-on spills on my stove drip pans. Cobwebs on the front porch. (Halloween decor, perhaps?) In addition to our (semi) regular dust-sweep-repeat schedule, I’d like to implement a monthly rotation to get to the more-neglected places and spaces like baseboards, walls and cabinet fronts and tidying up the closets. To kick things off, I’m taking the 30-day cleaning challenge to help me remember all the nooks and crannies that, well, have gone forgotten. P.S. Weekend guests: just because I’ve acknowledged these to-dos don’t mean they’ll get done so please don’t look too closely.

3. Skin-care regimen: For the last few years, the extent of my skin care routine has been a generic cleanser morning, night and post-workout, plus a quick moisturizer, if I remember. I tend to be more hyperaware in the summer with sunscreen, but certainly have room for improvement. I plan to test out a few products and settle into a dedicated regimen, perhaps “splurging” for products to better serve my skin. A friend once told me, “If you’re going to spend $30 on an outfit for the weekend, why not invest that in your skin, which is you’ll have forever.” Holy lightbulb moment.

4. Setting goals and taking names: Many of you know that Jared and I enjoy a good trail run and signing up for the occasional 5K. We’ve also completed two half marathons; the first to simply see if we could do it and the second to see if the first time was just a fluke. In the past year or so, life has gotten in the way and we’ve not spent much time or effort into improving our times or logging more miles. This year, I’d like to sign up for five runs of varying distances and devote training time accordingly. Novel idea, huh?

That’s a quick list of some of the biggies, but rounding out the top 10 are to:

5. Go to church more. (This is at the top of the priority list, just doesn’t need much elaboration.)

6. Send a card on every birthday/anniversary/holiday to my closest friends and family.

7. Get a sleep schedule down. I have nooooo problems falling asleep, it’s the whole staying asleep thing that throws me off.

8. Go to the dentist. And floss.

9. Carpé DM. There are so many restaurants, concerts and events we’ve yet to discover living near the metro and I plan to keep more weekends open for exploring in our own backyard. (Note, I thought of this “Carpé DM” tagline about a year ago and just about pitched it to the Convention & Visitors Bureau before someone told me they were already using it. Should’ve blogged about it. Could’ve been my big break.)

10. Walk Django. Set 30 minutes aside to walk the pup each morning, weather permitting. (Remember, this needs to be realistic!)

I’ll add the remainder of the list in a future post (I still have 25 to go!) and will cross-reference this often to see how I’m measuring up. Here’s to a great year!


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