Well hello there, December.

Guess who’s back…back again? Lindsey’s back…tell a friend.

Welp, November has officially come to an end, folks. It seems like just yesterday I was binge-eating from the Halloween candy dish. OK, so maybe it’s because I did just that, only with pies, peanut clusters and puppy chow…All. Thanksgiving. Weekend. Long.

With December now upon us, this means I’m also past my self-inflicted blog post due date if I’m to publish 25 posts this year. Like we didn’t all see this coming…But I’m determined to get back on track so, without further ado, I’ll get on with it already!

If you’ll recall, I started a bucket list of sorts with things to try, goals to accomplish and places to visit before I hit the big 2-6. To round out the top 25, I hope to:

12. Read more. I recently wrapped up the Hunger Games (Book one, mind you), and only after I set a goal to finish the book before we saw the final movie in theaters. Currently my status is more like…

And we’re damn good at it, too. Source

13. Volunteer. Youth, elderly, indoors, outdoors, I’m up for anything!

14. Get involved in the community. Our neighbor is convinced we’re “Kiwanis people.” Yet to be determined, but we’re up for finding out.

15. Sleep in. I’ve generally been early to bed, early to rise, healthy…and, well, one out of three ain’t bad. It sounds silly but I’m training myself to sleep in past 7 on the weekends. And by that, I mean training Django to tone down his early morning wake-up calls. Or, at the very least, training Jared to have the coffee on. STAT.

16. Green up my thumb. I planted both a traditional and patio container garden this past summer. We had herbs galore; to which I discovered Jared doesn’t like every single meal covered in cilantro. Huh, who knew? The fruits and veggies, however, were far less productive and we largely lived off asparagus, rhubarb and green beans. Good news is that it’s a simple fix: I need to read the directions on the back of the package this year. Apparently the spacing “guidelines” are law and planting anything closer together will mean no tomatoes for you.

17. Take spontaneous weekend trips. Concerts, hiking trails, new breweries – there are so many hidden gems to be discovered just a short drive away!

18. Pay off my car. It’s a lofty goal but certainly one worth working toward.

19. Organize my Christmas lights. This one may or may not have snuck into the list after holiday decorating this weekend. But, it’s quickly working its way up to the top.

20. Learn calligraphy. You know, one of those completely practical skills that I can pull out when I make my game show debut. Which brings me to…

21. Audition for Wheel of Fortune. Tips appreciated!

22. Learn more about sports. Or learn to care, rather. I’m talking to you, Fantasy Football.

23. Attend more professional networking events. I’m fortunate to work in an organization that supports continual professional development and I plan to take full advantage.

24. Take on more home improvement projects. I can run power tools, too! Next task: updating the lighting and ceiling fans.

25. Make it one of the best years yet. I’m well on my way!



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