Long time, no blog! Yes, I realize this is my opening line each and every post, but this time is especially deserving, as it’s been nearly four months since I’ve last provided an update to all my fans (I’m looking at you, mom).

Four whole months. Between busy work schedules, house projects and planning for a little human in just 20 short weeks, ye ol’ blog has been put on the back burner so that every ounce of free time can be devoted to general summer lovin’: road trips, friends’ weddings, outdoor concerts and swimming sessions with Django. (Plus, in my defense, I was locked out of my blog for three weeks because I couldn’t remember my password. PREGNANCY BRAIN IS A REAL THING, PEOPLE.)

But alas, here I am; and with so much to say! While I have good intentions of hitting on the aforementioned house updates and baby prep, in the meantime, I thought I would address some of the FAQ’s I’ve received since sharing the good news that we’re expecting.

#19Weeks #awkwardarm

How have you been feeling? I’ve learned to tread lightly in answering this question from fellow mommys-to-be, as I realize I’m pretty fortunate to say that all has been going well so far. Great, actually! Aside from the need for frequent naps and small bouts of nausea here and there throughout the first trimester, I never got physically sick and was able to keep up my normal diet and exercise routine. #boringpregnantlady

What am I craving? At the moment, string cheese. But generally speaking, I haven’t had any bizarre cravings (yet), however I didn’t expect to have aversions to foods I typically prepare and enjoy, like chicken or salads (or chicken salad…or chicken breasts ON salad… you get my drift). Oh, and I’ve been putting down a lot of ice cream.

When do you find out the gender? When the baby is born! This too has been met with mixed reactions but in all honesty, I’m just such a sucker for surprises! Surprise parties, spontaneous guests at work, just-because flowers (a-hem, Jared)… I love it all and I can’t quite think of a bigger surprise than having our doctor make the big reveal upon baby’s first cry.

Do you have names picked out? As much as I love being surprised, I love surprising other people even more. We have a couple names that have risen to the top of the contender list but y’all will just have to wait it out until December 27th(ish)!

Are you returning to work? Call me crazy, but this question never occurred to me before we were pregnant. While I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll love every waking minute of maternity leave (and I’m sure there will be a lot of them…), I also love my job and will be returning in March, even if it means rocking dry shampoo and Febreezed clothes. I applaud those who stay home with their kiddos but it’s just not the right move for our little family right now. (P.S. How many times do you think Jared has received that question? Exactly.)

We’re loving all the questions, belly touches and excitement from family and friends so please keep ’em coming. Baby Foss is already feeling the love!




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