Moving on up (the street)

I’ve succumbed to the fact that my blog posts are going to be four weeks apart – at best – from here on out. But I promise, fun updates are coming your way so please continue to bear with me!

As summer transitions to fall, our schedule remains full-speed ahead; with three weddings, a couple road trips and a new truck added to the mix since my last post, just five weeks ago. But there’s no sign of a slow down for…well…a while…

Because if we were a little nuts in 2014, then we are certifiably insane in 2016.

We’re moving. And having a baby. Five. Weeks. Apart. #cuethepregancybreathing

We’ve known for awhile that we wanted to move; ya know, when the time is “just right.” We’ve kept tabs on houses popping up throughout Polk City, as we’ve come to love our community and are excited to raise future Fosses in this small school district. (Which, by the way, I’ve learned is affectionately called “Puke City Vomits” as opposed to Polk City Comets. 😑 Kids these days.)

Anyway, with a baby on the way, we chalked up the next several months as “not the right time,” which is why I honestly can’t tell you what the genesis was to randomly tour some homes other than having our eye on a neighborhood for awhile and a genuine curiosity to creep on other people’s houses. #dontjudge

We looked at several, connected with a banker and before we knew it, all the dreaming and “what ifs” began to look more like (a very near) reality.

Now, I consider myself somewhat of a superstitious person, yet rooted in faith. I’m always looking for “a sign” that we should or shouldn’t do something, pray for guidance as we make decisions and sometimes need to reside to the fact that when it seems “signs” don’t come or prayers go unanswered, God is saying, “Yes, but not right now.”

Or sometimes, as it turns out, he says, “Go for it. Right now. Give it your all and don’t turn back.”

Two days after we met with our prospective realtor, a coupon book came in the mail and we flipped through (probably looking for a half-price pizza or something) and instead found his picture and a deal for $1,250 off listing commission, plus a free termite inspection. Coincidental? Sure, but with several new developments in the area, it wasn’t that far-fetched.

But under that coupon? Five hundred dollars off a moving truck. This, after we had just talked about the hurdle of packing and moving all our furniture with an eight-month pregnant lady who probably won’t be capable of lifting more than a few throw pillows.

Cue the Ace of Base, I think I saw the sign.

All that was missing was a definitive direction from God, as we still second-guessed the big decision and financial implications that would come along with it. But then, just two days later, we started a new series in church, “Taking a Leap of Faith.”

Alright, alright, universe: we can take a hint!

The week that followed is a bit of a blur but within a matter of days, we had an offer accepted on our new house, the for-sale sign popped up in our current yard and showings were lined up through the weekend. All it takes is one though, and we’re happy to have accepted an offer after the first showing, less than 48 hours from the listing going live.


Our humble, little Cyclone-loving abode. (PC: Jake Boyd Photo)

Thank you, universe.

While we’re flooded with a sense of relief, it’s now replaced with excitement, nervousness and sentimentalism. There’s just so much I want to say to the people and places that have had an impact on us the last two years.

To our supportive parents who thought we were out of our “college phase” and going to stay put somewhere for longer than two years: I swear we’ll be here at least 10 years. (And by 10, I mean a SOLID seven.)

To our neighbors who we’ve finally synced up lawn-mowing schedules with: We’ll be sure to leave a handbook for the new homeowners on yard work 101.

To the tribe of kids who come over to play with Django, uninvited, at the most inopportune times: You’ll always be his favorite tug-o-war companions and you’re welcome over to our new place (almost) anytime.

To our first home: Thank you for two years of DIY fails, Stairmaster workouts, game-watch parties, fire drills while cooking dinner, bonfires with friends, fresh garden veggies and Netflix binge sessions. It’s been a fun ride and brought Jared and I closer than we ever imagined.

To our next home: We’re full of mixed emotions but one thing’s for certain: we’ve had a lot of love and laughter at 312 Tyler Street and you’ve got big shoes to fill.

And to our baby on the way: It’s all for you.



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