Two weeks into having a newborn in the house and it finally feels as though we’re settling into a routine (and by that, I mean not walking around like total zombies).

Between friends and family popping over, doctor’s appointments and a couple rounds of newborn photos, we’ve stayed pretty busy around here! A few bloggers I follow write a “Currently” series and I thought it would be the perfect way to capture some things we’re doing/watching/eating at this very moment to remember this fun, exciting and sleep-deprived time as a new family of three.

Loving on our little man, one week new. Photo credit: Jaime Hough | Ankeny, IA


Sipping…CAFFEINE! Although my doc OK’ed up to 300 mg caffeine during pregnancy, I seriously pumped the brakes on my coffee and Diet Coke addiction when I found out I was expecting; a tell-tale sign to my friends that something was up. 🙂 While I still sipped on a half-can of pop here and there, I started to accept – and dare I say, enjoy – my new decaf lifestyle, making near-weekly runs to Caribou for a Decaf Sugar-Free Raspberry Northern Lite Latte.


After nine months “clean,” I planned to keep up with the reduced caffeine intake through the breastfeeding months but was told by several nurses that very little traces of caffeine can be passed along to the baby and that it was perfectly safe to enjoy while nursing. As soon as I heard that, I leaped (OK, crawled) out of bed and went running (limping) down to the hospital McDonald’s for a glorious iced coffee; all before Maddox could dirty a diaper. (Which, take my word for it, is really fast, people.) #worthit

Resolving…Meal planning and budgeting. My original New Years Resolution was to lose 15 pounds but thanks to Maddox’s arrival, I checked that box a couple days early! While on maternity leave, I’d also like to take more time to plan meals, rethink our leftovers and budget our shopping trips. Two weeks in, we’re still on track, thanks in large part to our wonderful friends and family members bringing over dinner a few nights a week. Here’s hoping I can stick with it in the weeks to come!

Decorating…Maddox’s room. As many of you know, we moved just six weeks before our due date, which didn’t leave much time for completing the nursery. I also wanted to leave it somewhat of a blank canvas, though, until we found out whether we were having a little guy or girl. Just before he was born, however, I made an impromptu run to the scrapbook store in town and created an alphabet collage with wooden letters above his dresser to match his turquoise, orange and gray quilt that I made with my mom and grandma. I’m happy with how how this little feature wall turned out and can’t wait to share the completed space just as soon as it’s ready!


Anticipating…The Beauty and the Beast movie. Because I’m a 20-something girl. ‘Nuff said.

Indulging…It’s Your Churn ice cream. A couple friends of ours brought over this sinful stuff last night and I haven’t stopped eating it by the forkful (because a spoon would be way too classy) ever since. It’s a premium ice cream brand by Hy-Vee and one that will quickly edge its way up there with milk and eggs on the weekly shopping list.

Planning…An Omaha getaway. As much as I love all that Des Moines has to offer, I don’t think we take advantage of our prime location nearly enough, being just a morning’s drive away from Kansas City or Minneapolis or a quick 5.5 hours from Chicago. Omaha is another favorite city of ours and less than three hours away, I think it’s the perfect distance for our first little family getaway to help stave off cabin fever this Spring Break.

Watching…Iowa State Basketball. And I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been too pretty. Little man makes for a pretty cute fan though, am I right?! I also hopped aboard the This Is Us bandwagon during an afternoon marathon and can’t wait for the new season to start. What are you watching these days, friends? I haven’t Netflixed since our pre-parenthood days and I’m ready to get back into the swing of things!


Soaking up…2 a.m. snuggles. I keep coming across a sign that quotes Peter Pan: “Little boys should never be put to bed for they always wake up a day older.” Boy, does that hit home these days. The other night, Maddox slept a whopping 6.5 hours between feedings. Aside from the breathing checks every half hour, I found myself awake actually missing his little wimpers, coos and grunts that I’m able to rock back to sleep in the wee morning hours. I know he won’t be this small much longer and couldn’t help but think of what 2 a.m. will look like in the years to come: rubbing his back when he wakes up with the flu, letting him crawl in the middle when he’s had a bad dream, coming home late after a sports tournament or lying in bed waiting for him to come home after being out with friends. (…Notice how none of them involve sleep?)

I know our days in the rocking chair are numbered and something I need to keep in mind more often during those early-morning wake-up calls. But maybe I can let Jared in on a few more, too… 🙂



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